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Interframe Digital Media

The Goal

Phenix Realty, Co. reached out to Interframe for assistance in marketing a home that had been stagnant on the market. It was a bit of a head scratcher: The property was beautiful and the home was very spacious, yet the home was not selling. With this, we knew it was a matter of getting it out in front of people and creating a compelling reason why they should want to live there.


The Process

With our understanding of creating impactful messages and eye-catching visuals, we created a virtual tour of the home with a narration describing the distinct features of the home like its spacious rooms, finished basement, workshop, and magnificent lake with wildlife.

Real estate. Real results.

Real Estate Videography

Date: 2022

Client: Phenix Realty Company

Services: Video Production, Digital Advertising

Phenix Realty Property Video

Real Estate Paid Advertising

Digital Marketing

Once produced, we ran the video as a digital advertisement on Facebook and Instagram platforms, targeting prospective homebuyers in that location and its surrounding areas. Within 11 days, the video reached over 3,000 people and was shared 29 times. 

Writing the video description in a way that would grab people's attention was key, and we wanted to immediately give them the main selling points for the home.

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The Result

​Within 11 days, multiple appointments had been scheduled with the property's real estate agent. Within 2 weeks, the home was sold. Phenix Realty's use of visually interesting content turned a once unheard of property into someone's new home.

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