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Interframe Digital Media
Restaurant Marketing

Date: 2020 - 2023

Client: The Office Sports Bar & Grill

Services: Video Marketing, Logo Animation, Content Strategy

The Office - Video Marketing

Redefining the Sports Bar Experience

The Goal

Working closely with The Office Sports Bar & Grill, we set out to use the power of video to showcase their unique sports bar experience and atmosphere. With an upscale setting and menu options, The Office's goal was to redefine the sports bar experience for their guests. With many restaurants in the area, standing out and making an impression was crucial.


We started our approach by defining the core strengths of the brand. We focused on what made The Office unique. From there, we launched their video marketing campaign with an overview video followed by social media reels.

Logo Animation

Presenting The Office as upscale required a strong focus on the visual elements of the brand. We animated their logo to add visual interest to their video content. This extra touch helped The Office stand out and become more recognizable.

The Result

After partnering with The Office to increase their brand's awareness, their revenue increased by 35%. With our strategic use of branded video, The Office was able to successfully boost their sales and stand out in the marketplace.

The Office Sport Bar & Grill's Website

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Social Media Videos

We created social media videos that captured the brand's image. We wanted to be classy and upscale yet approachable and fun. Our videos consisted of general awareness videos, Sunday Brunch promos, and behind-the-scenes looks into how their drinks and dishes are prepared. This gave viewers a virtual experience of what it feels like to visit The Office.

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