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Video Production & Marketing Services

Based in Columbus, Georgia, Interframe produces impactful video content tailored to your specific needs. With a mix of creativity and smart strategy, we help our clients drive business growth by forging strong connections with audiences, amplifying brand visibility, and creating compelling stories that encourage customer engagement and action.

Concept Development

Your vision fuels our creativity. We collaborate closely with you, merging your unique ideas with our expertise to develop powerful, compelling concepts for your video and/or video campaign.

Motion Graphics (2D & 3D)

Add depth to your story with dynamic visuals. Our team crafts striking 2D and 3D motion graphics that enhance your message and captivate your viewers.

Sound Design

The sound of your brand is as crucial as its visuals. We meticulously select music and sound effects that resonate with your brand's tone and message. Complying with industry standards, we ensure your video's audio is balanced, clear, and harmonious with your visual narrative.

Content Strategy

We formulate comprehensive content strategies, integrating your video content within broader business goals and paid advertising campaigns. This ensures maximum impact and reach, propelling your message beyond your current audience.

Production & Editing

From the first frame to the final cut, we're with you every step of the way. Our team collaborates with you on location, managing the shoot and capturing visuals that make an impact. In the editing suite, we refine your message to its most effective and engaging form.

Getting Started


Reach out and let's get the conversation started. We'll discuss your initial needs, introduce our services, and provide a basic cost estimate.

Project Goals

We outline your objectives, identify key deliverables, and refine the direction of the project to ensure your goals are met.

Project Quote

We assemble a tailored proposal with all project specifics and budget details. Upon approval, we're all set to begin production.

Featured Projects

Ready to start your project?

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