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Interframe Digital Media
Event Video Production

Date: 2023

Client: American Cancer Society

Services: Video Production, Content Strategy

Gold Together Honoree Video

Going Gold Together

The Goal

We worked closely with the American Cancer Society to create video content for their first ever Gold Together Gala, raising awareness and funds for childhood cancer research. We highlighted Tori Svenson, the event's honoree, sharing her inspirational story and the gala's message through both the event itself and social media.


The Process

Not only were we telling Tori's story, but we also wanted to show the audience the difficulties childhood cancer survivors face after treatment is over.

With our video goals and content strategy in place, we set out to capture both the Honoree Video and social media content.

Content Strategy

ACS's goal was simple. Raise awareness and funding for childhood cancer research. Using the reach of social media, we created short-form video content for Instagram and Facebook to deliver important facts about childhood cancer. We wanted to educate the audience and give them a compelling reason to donate.

Logo Animation

Another important element of our video was the animation of the Gold Together logo. The flowing yellow ribbon, coupled with the pacing, subtly enhanced the emotional resonance of the cause.

The Result

Partnering with the American Cancer Society, our film delivered a deeply emotional moment during their event. Additionally, our social media videos contributed to spreading awareness and raising funds.

American Cancer Society's Website

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