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Retail Marketing

Date: 2023

Client: Lasting Impressions Formal Wear

Services: Video Marketing

Design Your Dream Dress Commercial

Designing the Perfect Dress

The Goal

We teamed up with Lasting Impressions Formal Wear to produce a 1-minute commercial, aimed to play at events and pageants throughout the region. The objective was to showcase the benefits of custom-designed dresses that fit perfectly, enhancing the wearer's confidence and appeal on stage.


Using motion graphics, voice-over narration, and stunning visuals, our goal was to communicate that the right dress can make anyone feel uniquely confident and beautiful.

Motion Graphics
Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics

We immediately draw viewers in with a 3D-tracked "Welcome to Lasting Impressions" text, seamlessly integrated into the store's walkthrough, creating a dynamic entrance. The "As Unique As You" text further accentuates the message of personalized fashion, making each moment in the commercial an engaging showcase of custom design and individuality.

Through motion graphics, we instantly engaged and enlightened viewers about Lasting Impressions' custom dress options, creating an informative yet engaging commercial.

Dream Dress 03.jpg

Ending with an impact

Our commercial ends on an uplifting note, showcasing a young girl wearing her unique gown, a scene that aims to connect with younger audiences. As she moves gracefully in her dress, she pauses, looks down, and gently closes her eyes, and the Lasting Impressions logo appears seamlessly.

This finale is intended to share a moment of beauty and self-reflection, highlighting the joy and confidence that comes from wearing a dress that feels like it was made just for you. It brings the commercial's narrative full circle, emphasizing personal empowerment and leaving viewers with a positive and memorable image.

The Result

The commercial has already shown effectiveness at its initial event and is poised to continue making an impact at future venues. It stands as a powerful marketing asset, attracting and engaging viewers, and highlighting the unique appeal of Lasting Impressions.

Lasting Impression's Website

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