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The Goal

In business for 20+ years, Lasting Impressions Formal Wear has been a leader in the formal wear industry, specifically in the pageant world. Working closely with world renowned dress designer Sherri Hill, Lasting Impressions brought the nations top pageant coaches to one location, giving each contestant an opportunity to learn from the best in the industry and design a custom dress for their competition.

Interframe collaborated with Lasting Impressions Formal Wear to create video content that would increase awareness around their annual Sherri Hill Trunk Show.​

The Process

We sat down with each coach and conducted interviews. Each interview would be used later to craft a compelling story, so we needed compelling dialogue. We really dug deep with each interview, allowing each coach to be themselves and express the true meaning behind what it is they do and why they do it.

Capturing magic and making an impression

Retail Marketing

Date: 2022

Client: Lasting Impressions Formal Wear

Services: Video Production, Content Strategy

Sherri Hill Trunk Show Video

Content Strategy

We worked with Lasting Impressions to successfully launch the 30 second video as a teaser for the full video to build excitement around the upcoming trunk show. We worked out a publishing schedule, fine tuned each description, included call-to-actions, and collaborated with their website team to ensure a succesful launch.

Video Production in Columbus, GA

Crucial Elements

With the project goals in mind, we set out to accomplish these specific tasks:​

  • Offer a glimpse into each coach's session, setting clear expectations for potential clients.

  • Reflect the brand's sophistication and elegance.

  • Highlight the unique qualities and contributions of each coach.

  • Present the trunk show's benefits in an engaging and immersive manner.

interview still.jpg
Motion Graphics

Staying on brand

We wanted to exemplify the brand throughout the entire video, so all elements of the video followed the brand’s fonts and color schemes. Each animation was carefully designed to appear elegant and classy to match the brand.

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The Result

The launch of the official trailer generated an enormous buzz around both the trunk show and the Lasting Impressions Formal Wear brand. The 30 second trailer received 9,000+ views, 53 shares, and 300+ likes within the first five days of publishing.


With enough anticipation built from the trailer, the launch of the full video was a major success receiving an equal amount of attention and engagement. The video campaign continues to work as a marketing and educational tool for the Lasting Impressions Formal Wear brand.

Lasting Impression's Website

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