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Interframe Digital Media
Restaurant Marketing

Date: 2021 - Present

Client: Eve On Adams

Services: Video Marketing, Logo Animation, Content Strategy

Eve On Adams - Video Marketing

Social Media Video Marketing

For Eve On Adams, a rooftop restaurant and bar in Tallahassee, Florida, our goal was to offer viewers a vivid glimpse into their vibrant world. While ensuring consistency in brand identity—through look, colors, tone, logos, and fonts—each video in our campaign was designed to stand out with its unique feel, tailored to the different facets of their business.


Our videos showcased the leisurely brunch, vibrant nightlife, and elegant dinner service at Eve On Adams, emphasizing the variety of experiences while ensuring all content aligned with the venue's core brand identity.

Logo Animation

To highlight Eve On Adams as an upscale venue, we concentrated on visual branding. Animating the logo added an engaging touch to their videos, enhancing appeal. This strategy made the brand more distinctive and easier to recognize.

The Result

With our strategic use of branded video, Eve On Adams continues to stand out in the marketplace as Tallahassee's premier rooftop restaurant and bar. Brand Awareness, Increased Sales, and Sold Out Events are all ways we have helped Eve On Adams grow their business over the years.

Eve On Adams' Website

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